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It's me, hi! 👋🏼

In case you haven't put two and two together - I'm Hanna.  I'm a coffee addict, fashion junkie,  National Park enthusiast, grilled cheese connoisseur and, you guessed it, a photographer. 

I never considered myself to be a photographer until I was twenty-something years old, yet, I've had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember. I'll spare you the long-winded back story and give you the reader's digest version of who I am: I'm an Indiana photographer who specializes in wedding photography, engagement photos, and senior photography.

My mission is to help the people around me see their beauty through my eyes (and lens). My passion lies within documenting free-spirited people and life's most cherished moments through documentary-style portraits that showcase your authentic self.

I'm a big fan of "showing your work" so I'll let my portfolio do the talking and, instead, here are some nuggets to get to know the lady behind the lens:

+ I'm fluent in 'dad jokes' and proficient in French

+ Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup is the ULTIMATE comfort food and you cannot convince me otherwise

+ I have a Bernese Mountain Dog named Tubbs (anyone seen Miami Vice?) whom I love and adore

+ I'm a sucker for a good book - hit me with your current reads!

+ I will dance harder than anyone you know at any wedding. I guarantee it. 

+ My favorite color is orange, yet, I can count on one hand things that I own that are that color. 

+ I once caught a 60 lb Lingcod while deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Alaska

+ I'll put Sriracha on almost anything
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